The project

logo Abili a proteggere“Able to Protect” is a project that analyzes the relationship between disability and civil protection and that, through this path, suggests a new way to tackle the issue of citizenship and work.
It is also the container of an experience: the inclusion of a group of disabled workers in the Social Cooperative Europe Consulting within the Department of Civil Protection of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers.
The collaboration between the Department and the Europe Consulting aims to promote the integration of knowledge: on the one hand the knowledge of experienced operators of civil protection, therefore carriers of a form of working knowledge on prevention and management of emergencies, on the other, operators with specific disabilities, with a particular form of knowledge, defined in the literature “knowledge through sensitivity,” which comes from firsthand experience the needs related to the specific condition that they live every day.
The classification proposed by the ICF, International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health is thekey reference point in the path of employment of disadvantaged staff as this is a cultural turning poiny, in terms of approach to disability. The ICF, in fact, no longer focuses on the consequences of the disease, but rather on the components of health. In this sense, the employment of staff with disabilities within an Public Administration, specifically dedicated to activities related to the disability and of public interest, has been an element of continuity of the project “Able to Protect”. The person with disabilities, therefore, is no longer just an individual carrying specific needs related to their health, but an active carrier of the skills and resources needed to respond to the needs of the disabled population and for the proposal of effective solutions in disability issues.

What we do

  • Press releases
  • Reasearch Activities with the Public Administrations
  • Drill Planning
  • Working tables with stakeholders
  • Web Accessibility
  • Video subtitles
  • Emergency planning
  • Partecipation to drills 
  • Filing and cataloguing
  • Studies on public administrations web accessibility regulations
  • Web monitoring
  • Partecipations to meetings and seminars
  • Surveys on emergency and disability